Our club history

Life before life:

Long before this society has been founded, there have been 2 public events in the Dresden Highlands, both under the sign of the "Single Malt Whisky Club Württemberg e.V.", our partner club.

At the Dresden Highland Gathering in September 2006 at the magic Dresden-Schönfeld castle we presented out Whisky tasting booth for the first time and got lots of attention - not at least because of our Highland dress outfit. To succeed this event we got powerful support from Baden-Württemberg from where some club members traveled the long way to Dresden.
At the same place we had out tasting booth at the Highland Christmas Market. This time we brought some special offers additional to the Single Malt Whisky which was very welcome.

The start of the club:

Latest at the Christmas market it has been decided to found a Saxonian double of the very successful Swabian club. On January 30th 2007 -a wet and cold Tuesday- some gentlemen from dresden, the Dresden HIghlands and the dresden region came together at the restaurant "Wenzel- Prager Bierstuben" in Dresden-Neustadt to follow a common hobby: The Single Malt Whisky. so they found at this evening the "Single Malt Whisky Club Saxony" has been founded with the aim to become a registered German society (e.V.)

In the same way like some years ago in Stuttgart an executive board has been elected and a revisor has been appointed. The founders wanted to propagate the Premium Class of Whisky in this area and also the celtic culture behind. They wanted to concern itself with the Whisky regions, the making of this noble drink and with the people who are living and working for the whisky.
The club had 8 founding members.

"e.V." and club life

since ... 2007 the club is a real is an official "e.V." which means a registered society or corporation. It is registered at the Amtsgericht Dresden.

... to be continued.