Public Event

September 2009

Another follow up seminar by the Single Malt Whisky Club Sachsen e.V.
at the Dresden-Schoenfeld "Magic Castle", which are getting more and more popular.
Theme of the evening is again: "FROM LIGHTHOUSE TO LIGHTHOUSE - along the Scottish Western Shore".

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Before everything can start, the tables have to be prepared and decorated.

Projector and laptop have to be installed and the walls are decorated with posters.
Thanks a lot to our sponsors: Glenfarclas, Visitscotland and CALMAC.

Still life with jars: The first malt of the evening is filled into the jars.

The Malts of this evening: Scapa (yes, we still have the 14 years old one), Oban, Springbank and Ardbeg

The show starts: Jens takes the visitors to one of the most exciting sceneries of the world:

The Western Highlands and the Hebridean Isles.

Ralf gives an overview of whisky types ...

...and the making of the malts.

Klaus introduces the visitors to the Single Malt regions.

There still should be people nwho are not so familiar with the subject.

Konrad explains the world of Scottish Clans and Tartans.

All in all: a very niche evening...
That -like all the others before- took a little bit longer than expected.

Finally we want to say thank you to the magicians of the castle,
who hosted us perfectly.
This is a nice painting of the castle on the wall of our seminar room.

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