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Today in large areas of Scotland a "Scot" slang is spoken. It is a derived English with some special words and phrases, that have been partly taken from Gaelic and with a different pronounciation, f.i. a "rolling" R. The poet Robert Burns wrote a lot of poems in this dialect.

Only at the Western Isles (Hebrides) the old Scottish-Gaelic is spoken and very public. All in all the Scottish-Gaelic has been noted at the UNO lis of the dying out languages and that's why since 1995 the Scottish-Gaelic is promoted by Gaelic school lessons and the re-usage of Gaelic as a second official language in the northwestern parts of the Highlands, in Argyll and Bute, and at the Hebrides islands. Tourists note the traffic signs, village and town entry signs, and all other signs in 2 languages there.

For interested people we refer to some Internet Gaelic lessons:

Gaelic for Beginners
Very good Gaelic lessons for Beginners by K.Dauth.
Important: Declare language is German.


Gaelic Scotland
Los of information
quite up-to-date
(in English and Gaelic)