Public event

Dresden Highland Gathering 2006

Saturday and Sunday

SATURDAY, Sept. 9th, 2006

Our booth - directly at the castles entry ...

... right behind the bridge over troubled water ...

...with lots of tourist info material from Ireland and Scotland.

The event starts with beer barrel tapping by the provost of Schoenfeld-Weissig,
Mr. Hans-Juergen Behr and by the Prime Minister of Saxony, Mr. Georg Milbradt.

The first beer is offered to the public for free.

Right on the fairground there is a first talk between Mr. Milbradt and Jens.

And shortly after this we welcome the provost of Schoenfeld-Weissig,
Mr. Hans-Juergen Behr and the Prime Minister of Saxony, Mr. Georg Milbradt at out booth.

After some welcome talks by Jens and David ...

... both of them show big interest to the "water of life".

A dram of "Laphroaig" Single Islay Malt is offered ...

... and Jens tells them in short sentences something about the distillery, about whisky regions
and types, and about the specials of this malt and about its making.

So this event starts right with a highlight..

Proud and happy 4 Dresden locals.

SUNDAY, Sept. 10th, 2006

A warm welcome to Eike who comes by train from Berlin.
David came with his family and the whole whisky the long
600 km from Baden-Wuerttemberg only to support this event.
Many thanks to all people who made this participation at this event possible.

We could get lots of new connections.
We are especially proud about the very friendly relationship
to the castle owners, the magicians of the "Magic Castle".
Here we say welcome to Mr. Karl-Heinz Kaiser at our booth .

The castle entry is right beneath out booth.

Theres always good public traffic at our booth, despite we are here for the first time...

...especially when the mediaeval music group played Irish and Scottish tunes
right in front of our booth

There's only a few moments of calmness for the team members to concentrate
on a malt of their own. Jens with a very old Macallan.

The Hochlandfest finishes with great fireworks
in front of the Dresden-Schoenfeld castle
to the music of "Lord of the Dance".