Public event

Festival Bonfeld
(Bad Rappenau) , June 2005

Friday and Saturday


Our place -as in last year- direct at the way between the 2 stages.

As in the last years we are happy about the great interest about our offer.

... and this is how we presented the Single Malts at this Friday.

And a short look to the Irish and Exotic malts.

Our special offer this year: An open air whisky seminar.

Presenting Powers und Redbreast from Ireland, and Glenlivet and Scapa from Scotland
the participiants have been introduced into the mystery of Single Malt..

Scottish friendship.

A professional Nosing & Tasting, performed by the Club members.

A great idea: A tree of signs, showing the public the way to the attractions.
also to our tent...

... and to the tent of the geat meals: here the salmon is prepared and grilled on a vertical grill.

The visitors are -as every year- excited.

Lots of people at our tent until late at night..


Also on Saturday: much public at out place.

This is stylish: A pipe band marching in front of all the Single Malts..

Another view to the Irish Whiskey and to the Exotics - offered on Saturday.

Also today we performed an open air Whisk8e)y seminar..

Soon sold out: the ticket for our indoor seminar..

Here also the 4 selected malts have been offered.

Professional Nosing and Tasting guidance by our Club members.

The participiants liked the performance very much..

At the end of the festival our whisky reserves have been diminished remarkably..
Here you can see the rest of our portfolio.
but -and this for sure- in next year you'll find our great range of finest malts back again.

we want to say thank you to the Franz and his Orga Team,
for the warm welcome, the great event and the perfect supply.