Public event

Festival Bonfeld
(Bad Rappenau) , June 2004

Friday and Saturday


As in last year our pavillon and the tables have been built up as we
-slightly late- arrived. - Thanx, orga team...

So we only had to set up the rack, the decorations and the pavillon layout.

Our place - as in last year - direct at the wy to the inner stage.

Before the first visitors arrived, a view over the castle yard...

... to the merchandising tent of Smoky Finish,...

... and to the tent of Smoky Salmon :-) - on of the culinaric top acts.

Stage 1 in the inner castle yard.

Stage 2 in the outer castle yard.

Technicians tent of stage 2.

Time for some photos of our Friday team.

... and this is how we presented "The Classic Malts of Scotland" this year.

A closer look at the "Classic Malts of Scotland" extended by the Dalwhinie Club Edition
and several "Distiller's Editions" ...

... and at the "Malt Heritage Collection" with the new Glendronach...

... and at out 4 Old Malts: Ardbeg "Lord of the Isles", Higland Park 25,
Bowmore "Moonlight" and The Macallan 25

Now a first view to the stages: Music - good music !!!

The festival was sold out long ago. The visitors are expecting the performers...

... and then it goes on: "Aisleng" is the Opener with traditional Celtic Music ...

... followed on stage 1 by "SMOKY FINISH", bringing the spectators into good mood.

Phantastic as expected:
The DALE WILDE BAND took the spectators onto a journey
to Ireland and to the Scottish Highland in their very special way..
The public was simply excited.
(we think this was the top act of the evening.)

Many thanks to Dale for the possibility to work together for this long time.

Performed until late at night and brought the evening to a great end:

Inbetween everytime much public at our tent.

Talks about the malts and some dreamed of a journey to Scotland.
About this we also offered much material, thanks to the Scottish Tourist Board...


At the end of a long but very exciting day:
Special thanks to Ringo who served us in a perfect was despite the stress he had.

at the end we are happy to welcome Dale Wilde and her band members at our place to have a good dram.


Here at first only some pictures of our team.

More photos soon here.