Our club history

The start of the Club was like in a tale:

Once upon a cold and rainy tuesday in later autumn of the year 2000 some Ladies and Gentlemen met in the "George and Dragon" pub at the Hotel "InterContinenal" in Stuttgart. They wanted to follow their common hobby: The subject was a very special drink - the Single Malt Whisky. Later this evening an idea came up during the talks: Why not making our hobby official ? Encouraged by the pub proprietor the "Single Malt Whisky Club Kornwestheim" has been found at this evening of the 21. November 2000. The aim was to become a "eingetragener Verein" (registered society).

So an executive board has been elected and a revisor has been appointed. The founders wanted to propagate the Premium Class of Whisky in this area and also the celtic culture behind. They wanted to concern itself with the Whisky regions, the making of this noble drink and with the people who are living and working for the whisky.
The club had 9 founding members.

"e.V." and Club Life

Since april 2001 the club is an official "e.V." which means a registered society or corporation. After some start up difficulties the entry procedure at the Amtsgericht Ludwigsburg ended luckily.

Since the foundation a club meeting took place at every months first tuesday, partly at the "George and Dragon", partly at private homes. Beneath talks about club works everytime a "Nosing and Tasting" event with a special theme was part of each meeting. A lecture about the making, the region, and the distilleries has been given and some remarkable whiskies have been oferd until now, so for instance "Highland Park 18 years", "Bowmore Darkest", "Brora" and "Clynelish", "Connemara", or some of the "Classic Malts - Distillers Edition" series.

Every month each club member gets a "Newsletter" containing the newest information about the club and about the world of Single Malt Whisky.

The Club today:

Today our Club has 13 active members.

at our annual meeting in December 2001 a decision has been made to rename our Club into Single Malt Whisky Club Württemberg e.V..

Beneath the today the Internet homepage      http://www.single-malt-whisky-club.de is our most important communication forum to inform the Club members and to present our Club to the world. The homepage is online since June 2001, has been permanent developed since then and is well frequented by whisky friends from this area and from very far away.

in June 2001 the "Kornwestheimer Zeitung" presented the Club in a large article on the newspapers local part. Another large article about our Club followed in the "Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung". On February 7th, 2002 the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" reported about our Club in all of its distributions, inclusive the worldwide distributed one.

Meanwhile there are some Club cooperations except the traditional connection with the "George and Dragon", so for instance. with the "English Shop" in Stuttgart, with the "Wineshop" at the Kornwestheim rail station, with the "Möbelhaus UHL" in Ludwigsburg und with the "Glendruidh House Hotel" in Inverness.

We get also some support by distinguished Whisky producers like "Guinness UDV" and "Jacobi-Allied Domeq". With their products we made and are going to make public action events like "Nosing and Tasting" and "Whisky Seminars". Photos of some of these events can be found here.

The participacion at the "Straßenfest in Pattonville" has been the first Public event of the Club. After this event some "Public Nosing and Tastings" took place at the Wineshop at the Kornwestheim rail station and at the Möbelhaus UHL in Ludwigsburg. At the St. Patrick's Day on March,17th, 2002 a Dale-Wilde-Band conzert took place at the Markthalle in Ludwigsburg. The Club was there an offered a well developed range of excelent Single Malts. A remarkable resonance we had for the advertising notes we got from the companies that support us and of the "Scottish Tourist Board" that we offered. More public actions are in planning.

Very important and useful for the Club development was the visit of the "Interwhisky" fair in Frankfurt/Main on November, 24th 2001.

... to be continued.